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old issues of drei cafe, a newsletter by drei

the cast of australias favourite medical drama

issue #10 is the last one

issue #9 is about a talkbass forums poster, michel houellebecq, being a doof ranger

issue 8 is about karl ove knausgaard, noel coward, the rock esteddford challenge

issue #7 is about philip k dick (definitely now), mariam petrosyan, nicotine gums of anz redux

issue #6 is about isaac babel, patricia lockwood, thinking something will be good and then it turning out good

issue #5 is about evelyn waugh, vs naipaul, windows (the things you sorrowfully gaze out of, not the operating system)

issue #4 is about maybe philip k dick (im like 40% sure it was him), catherynne valente, having a big head

issue #3 is about two brits, georges bataille, the soul

issue #2 is about louis mcmaster bujold, james joyce, people in line at the cafe

issue #1 is about yukio mishima, christopher lasch, nicotine gums of anz